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How do I get rid of moles on my property?

  • Moles are unclassified and unprotected wildlife, so you may kill moles on your own property when they are causing damage to crops, domestic animals, or the property itself (RCW 77.36.030). However, body-gripping traps marketed for mole extermination are illegal in Washington since passage of initiative 713 in 2000 (RCW 77.15.192, 77.15.194; WAC 232-12-142). THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS FOR EMERGENCIES AND NO PROVISIONS THAT ALLOW WDFW TO ISSUE VERBAL APPROVAL OR SPECIAL PERMITS FOR BODY-GRIPPING TRAP USE FOR MOLES.  
  • Alternate methods of controlling moles include repellents, ultrasonic devices, certain types of poisons, and flooding. Some property owners find they can tolerate a certain level of mole activity.
  • For more information about mole control measures, see WDFW's "Living with Wildlife: Moles" fact sheet.

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