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Can I appeal the provisions or timing in my individual HPA if I dont like it? Can I appeal WDFWs decision to deny my individual HPA?

Yes, you can appeal the provisions or timing in your individual HPA or the denial of your individual HPA. It is best to begin by contacting the department employee who issued the HPA or denial and discussing your concerns with him or her. If you decide to go forward with an appeal, we must receive your written request for appeal within 30 days after you received the HPA or letter denying your HPA. WAC 220-110-340 explains the process and requirements for informal appeals. WAC 220-110-350 explains the process and requirements for formal appeals.

Please note that WDFW’s authority in issuing or denying HPAs is limited to protection of fish life, so we cannot consider any other issues during an appeal. You may call WDFW’s HPA Appeals Coordinator at (360) 902-2260 for questions about the appeal process.

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9th of July, 2012

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