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How do I have a dead animal removed from my personal property?

In most instances, dead wildlife on personal property falls under the responsibility of the property owner. There are several options available to property owners when it comes to disposing of dead wildlife on their property:

  • Burying the carcass
  • Disposing of the animal carcass in a dumpster or landfill
  • Moving the animal to the edge of the property for nature to take its course
  • Contacting local wildlife sanctuaries that may take a fresh carcass

Another aspect of finding dead wildlife on personal property is the game salvage rule, which allows people to legally salvage deer and elk carcasses in Washington State, except for any deer killed by a motor vehicle collision in Clark, Cowlitz, and Wahkiakum counties. For more information on the game salvage rule, see the FAQ in this WDFW help section.

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