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How do I apply as the group leader for a Special Permit group application? How do I apply as a group member?

To apply as the group leader, you need to apply before any of your group members. Enter your hunt choices and then submit your application. You can also create an optional pass code to help make sure the right people join your group. You need to provide your WILD ID number to all your group members. If you created a pass code, you need to give this number to them as well.

Applying as a group member is different. You need to get your group leader’s WILD ID number. If they created a pass code, you need that number as well. Once you log in, enter their WILD ID (and pass code if created) and then submit your application. Remember, the group leader takes care of submitting hunt choices.

You can submit your application in two ways:

1. Online at https://fishhunt.dfw.wa.gov/wdfw/special_permits.html

2. Call 1-877-945-3492

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