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What are the rules about shooting from a road?

  • A person is guilty of unlawful use of a loaded firearm if the person negligently shoots a firearm from, across, or along the maintained portion of a public highway (RCW 77.15.460).
  • It is unlawful to shoot a bow and arrow from a vehicle or from, across, or along the maintained portion of a public highway. See WAC 232-12-054.
  • Persons with a disabled hunter permit may shoot from a vehicle if the hunter is in compliance with WAC 232-12-828, Hunting of game birds and animals by persons of disability.
  • A public highway is one maintained specifically for the use of the public, REGARDLESS OF SURFACE.
  • Shooting from a private road is legal if access has been granted by the landowner and other firearm restrictions and safety issues have been addressed.


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9th of July, 2012

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