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If I harvested deer, elk, or moose from a state or province connected to chronic wasting disease (CWD), what do I do?

Check the chronic wasting disease section of the Big Game pamphlet for full details. This section lists the rules for importing items to Washington from certain states and provinces to reduce the risk of transmitting CWD:

  • Meat that has been de-boned in the state or province where it was harvested and is imported as boned-out meat.
  • Skulls and antlers, antlers attached to the skull plate, or upper canine teeth (bugler, whistlers, ivories) from which all soft tissue has been removed.
  • Hides or capes without heads attached.
  • Tissue imported for use by a diagnostic or research laboratory.
  • Finished taxidermy mounts.

In addition, you must notify the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife within 24 hours if notified by another state fish and wildlife agency that the deer, elk, or moose you harvested has tested positive for CWD. Violation of this rule is an infraction. (RCW 77.15.160) For more details on CWD, see WDFW's Chronic Wasting Disease website.

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