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WDFW Online Goose Identification Testing

Before beginning online test. Make sure you have studied the booklet and videos. Please review test requirements.
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Test Requirements:
You have 45 minutes to complete the online test.
You must score at least 80% to pass.

Failure to complete the test in the allowed time or failure to make at least an 80% score on the test will require you to take the test again.

You must wait 28 days before retaking the test.

New hunters and those who had their previous year’s hunting authorization invalidated for Goose Management Area 2 need to pass an exam with a minimum of 80% to receive their current year hunting authorization.

Hunters who fail a test must wait 28 days before retesting, and will not be issued a reciprocal authorization until that time.

The Oregon and Washington Fish and Wildlife Commissions have approved permitting requirements for northwest Oregon and southwest Washington goose hunters, which include passing a written examination. The booklet and video titled "Pacific Northwest Goose Management" are designed to assist you in successfully passing the exam by providing information about goose management issues in the region and ways to identify geese while hunting. Follow these steps:

1. Review
Review all the materials in the Pacific Northwest Goose Management booklet carefully. The booklet is also available at the Olympia and Regional Offices of WDFW.
An enhanced guide to Canada goose identification in the Pacific Northwest is also now available on the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife’s (ODFW) website .

View the videos below or purchase the video in it's entirety through Videoland Productions, Inc., 805 College Street SE, Lacey, WA 98503. Videoland Productions, Inc. accepts major credit cards, checks, and money orders. Their number is 360-491-1332 and the fax is (360) 491-1333.
Part 1 Introduction 2:23 WMV / YouTube
Part 2 Goose Identification 8:15 WMV / YouTube
Part 3 The Wintering Population 6:25 WMV / YouTube
Part 4 Resident Canada Goose Numbers 2:00 WMV / YouTube
Part 5 Advanced ID Skills 20:00 WMV / YouTube
Part 6 The Check Station 3:30 WMV / YouTube
Part 7 Hunting Experiences 9:52 WMV / YouTube

2. Take the Examination
Once you have reviewed and understand these materials, you will be ready to take the examination by either:

3. After Passing the Test
Once you pass (you have up to three attempts per calendar year), a goose hunting permit will be issued to you.