WDFW Online Goose Identification Testing

Welcome to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) online goose identification testing page for Canada goose hunters in southwest Washington Goose Management Areas 2A and 2B.

New hunters and those who had their previous year’s hunting authorization invalidated for Goose Management Area 2 need to pass an exam with a minimum of 80% to receive their current year hunting authorization. After you submit the information below, you will have 45 minutes to complete all questions on the exam and submit the test. Hunters who do not submit a completed test within the allotted time, or those who fail a test, must wait 28 days before retesting and will not be issued a reciprocal authorization until that time.

Test and permit administration expend agency resources, so please do not complete a test unless you are seriously considering hunting in these areas. Because you alone will be responsible for accurate identification of Canada goose subspecies while you are hunting, your test must be completed independently without assistance from others.  Suspected cheating or fraudulent activity will result in disqualification from the southwest Washington goose season.

Once you complete your test and submit it for scoring, results will be e-mailed within 1 week. Please contact (360) 902-2515 for additional information.

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