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Private Lands Hunting Access

Sara Lane  (735)

Land Access Information

Hunt Type: Hunt by Written Permission

What's Huntable Here
Mule deerHuntable

Access Times

Start: 30 minutes before sunrise    End: 30 minutes after sunset

Access Acres: 160.00

Scouting is NOT allowed

More information/comments
This Hunt By Written Permission site is open for mule deer hunting only. Youth hunting is strongly encouraged. Hunters must contact the landowner in person prior to hunting. This site is posted by yellow “Hunt By Written Permission” signs and is open to walk-in access only. The site is surrounded by residential areas on all sides, so extra caution and respect is required of hunters when accessing and hunting this site. Hunters must have a valid blue WDFW permission slip issued by the landowner on their person while hunting this property.

Hunting Blinds Allowed
Temporary blinds ok

Tree Stands Allowed
Temporary stands ok

Access Modes


Weapon Info

Legal Muzzleloader

Accessing this site

Hunt by Written Permission includes access to private lands where hunters must contact the landowner to obtain 'written permission' before hunting on their property. WDFW provides signs and permission slips to landowners who make their lands available through this program. A landowner name and contact telephone number are placed on the Hunt by Written Permission signs so hunters can contact the appropriate landowner for permission.
Location Information

Hunt Opportunities

General Hunt
Deer season

No restrictions on number of hunters

Mapping Information

Points and boundaries for this site are indicated by the number 735 on the map below.The map is intended for illustration purposes to orient hunters to the approximate location of the site’s features.  Boundaries and other rules posted in the field must be observed.

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Legend for Hunting Access map.