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Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife
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Master Hunter Section
600 Capitol Way North
Olympia, WA  98501-1091

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WDFW – Wildlife Program
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Elk Activity Updates

Elk Activity update – December 1, 2015
Please report harvest to (509) 925–9323

  • Please call in to (509) 925-9323 to report the location, time, and date your animal was harvested and how many animals were in the group.
  • If you see stock fences damaged by elk, please offer to make repairs. This may help keep you in good standing with private property owners.

3911 Kittitas County

Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) and Kittitas Reclamation District (KRD) access roads are typically not public access roads.  Using a BPA road without the underlying landowner's permission is trespassing.  No hunting is allowed on or from KRD roads.

  • Parke Creek – Elk have been seen in this area, many of which are migrating groups.  Master Hunters are reminded that the purpose of the late 3911 elk season is to facilitate elk moving east to winter range and away from crop areas.  Master Hunters are urged to move elk north and east out of the 3911 area and avoid herding elk toward agricultural areas by hunting efforts.
  • Reecer Creek – Some elk are entering this area.  Master Hunters should avoid and not hunt or pursue elk in Section 16 T19-R18 until further notice.  Master Hunters are also reminded that bow season is open concurrent with the 3911 Master Hunter Late Elk Season and that many bow hunters have been observed not wearing hunter orange, which is required for safety in the 3911 Elk Area.
  • Coleman Canyon – Some elk have been migrating through this area.
  • Robinson Canyon – Elk are present in this area.  Please coordinate with private landowners as public access opportunity is very limited.
  • Teanaway – No new reports. 
  • Hwy 10 – Elk have been crossing in and out of this area.
  • Riverbottom – Increasing numbers of elk have been reported using areas along the river and inside the 3911 Elk Area.
  • Peoh Point/Cle Elum – Migrating elk have been reported in this area as well as some resident elk south of the Main Canal.
  • Badger Pocket – No new reports.

3912 Yakima County

Some elk are entering damage areas in and around agricultural fields.  Most of these elk are on private lands. Permission is required to enter private lands.

  • Tampico – Elk numbers are increasing below the elk fence at this time and using irrigated crop fields.   One large new group of over 100 elk has been observed in the area.
  • Naches – Elk are present and increasing near the river.
  • Tieton – Elk are using irrigated areas in the river corridor and elk are east of the elk fence in orchards and undeveloped areas.
  • Wenas – No reported activity.
  • West Valley – No reported activity.

Yakima Training Center – GMU 371

Small groups of elk have been reported in several areas of the YTC.