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Hunter’s Code of Conduct
The code emphasizes the need for hunters to show respect for wildlife and to be considerate of non-hunters.





Migratory Bird Hunting Authorization Application

Use this form to apply for multiple hunt authorization(s) for Migratory Birds.

  • Please fill in ALL information accurately (especially your WILD ID number) to assure that you receive the authorization(s).
  • All information fields are required in order to grant authorization(s).
  • Please note that if you completed and reported on your Migratory Bird harvest for last season you DO NOT need to be authorized again for that species.
First Name Last Name M.I.
State ZipCode
E-mail Address
Telephone: 000-000-0000
Enter your 11 or 12 digit
Wild ID number
in the box below.

Select the Hunt Authorization(s) you are applying for:
Seaducks (harlequin duck, long-tailed duck, scoter, goldeneye; W. WA)
Band-tailed Pigeons
Snow Goose (Skagit, Snohomish, Island Co.)

Thanks for your interest in these seasons.
If you have additional questions regarding your application(s) please call (360) 902-2515.