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Shooting Range Grant information
Shooting Range Grant Application [PDF]
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Shooting Range Grants Program
There will be no Shooting Range Grants offered in 2011. The program has been placed on hold until further notice. This is due to reductions in the amount of federal funds available. For 2011, the funds that were to be allotted for shooting range grants have been shifted to Hunter Education Program use.

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) has a long-standing commitment to public safety. Since 1933 the agency has tracked hunting-related archery and firearms incidents. Since 1955 the agency has worked with thousands of certified instructors throughout the state to provide hunter education safety training geared specifically for hunters.

Although hunting and shooting today are exceptionally safe sports, the painful lessons learned over the years are quite simple:

  • Almost all equipment-related injuries and incidents are preventable.
  • Additional experience with equipment promotes both familiarity and safety.
  • Safe, accessible year-round shooting ranges are the best places to practice with equipment.
  • Many of Washington’s residents are unaware of the existing shooting range opportunities throughout the state.

Public, Private And Commercial Ranges

Every non-military, non-law enforcement-only shooting range facility— whether public, private or commercial—which we could identify in the Evergreen State has been included in this survey. Individuals may choose for themselves which ranges they prefer to patronize. Please note that almost all ranges charge an hourly or day-use rate, regardless whether they are commercial, public or private. Naturally, the charges will vary according to available facilities.

Many of the ranges listed are identified as “Not open to the public; members and guests only.” While many of these “private” ranges provide public access for individuals who register for competitive shoots, others may not. Almost all shooting ranges welcome new members and encourage prospective members to visit their clubs and become familiar with their services. Check what’s available in your area, visit the ranges which offer the services you are most interested in, and then decide for yourself which ranges you prefer to patronize.