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Washington offers a wide variety of waterfowl hunting options, ranging from deep water saltwater areas to dry land agricultural fields.  The many types of habitat in the state support opportunities for waterfowl ranging from mallards, Canada geese, and snow geese to sea ducks and brant.  Washington plays a significant role in the migratory bird pathway known as the Pacific Flyway, and typically ranks second among the 12 western states in waterfowl abundance, hunter numbers, and harvest.

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife has been actively working to provide places for waterfowl hunting, and we hope you take advantage of these opportunities.

Youth Hunt Opportunities

Hunting Techniques
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There are three basic methods of hunting waterfowl: hunting over decoys, jump-shooting,  and pass-shooting. Learn more about these and other methods to ensure a successful hunt.

Hunting Dogs
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After a successful hunt it's good to know how to properly clean and cook your waterfowl. Here are a few great videos on cleaning your catch along with some delicious recipes.
Where to go Waterfowl Hunting
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Every county in Washington state offers opportunities for waterfowl hunting but some areas stand head and shoulders above others. Find your favorite hunting spot!

Hunting Dogs Dogs may be man's best friend but for a waterfowl hunter a well trained retriever can mean the difference for a successful hunt.

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Duck Stamp Artwork by Cynthie Fisher
Duck Stamp Artwork by Gunner Hilliard
2015 Washington Duck Stamps and Prints
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