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Here is your opportunity to run with WDFW's Karelian Bear Dogs!

WDFW Karelian Bear Dogs (KBDs) help resolve the many bear-human conflicts that occur in our state and reduce the number of bears that have to be lethally removed. Many successes have been documented in re-training bears to avoid humans through the use of specialized dogs. We also hope to use them to conduct similar work with mountain lions and work as a wildlife enforcement detection dog.

The Karelian Bear Dog Program is funded solely through private outside sources. These monies are handled and maintained in a separate account specifically for the care, upkeep and training of the KBDs. If enough funds are generated, we will be expanding our KBD program throughout the state to assist and help officers in each of our six Regions.

The Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife is excited about our partnership with Wind River Bear Institute and our growing Karelian Bear Dog teams. We look forward to the KBD teams serving both the people and wildlife in Washington well into the future.

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