Land Acquisition Project Proposals
(Revised 4/1/16)

Land acquisition is one tool, among several, used by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) to meet its legislative mandate of preserving, protecting and perpetuating fish and wildlife, while providing sustainable recreational and commercial opportunities.

This web page describes WDFW's proposals for new land acquisition during 2017-19 and provides a virtual tour of eight new proposals. These projects were developed by WDFW staff and approved to move forward for public review by the department's executive management team to conserve important fish and wildlife habitats and provide recreational opportunities. Projects that were approved in the previous land acquisition cycle for pursuit of grant funding in 2015-2017 are included in a separate page.

WDFW has a rigorous process to determine which proposed properties would help the department meet conservation goals for species or habitat recovery. Part of this process includes engaging with local communities. The department also considers species and habitat management plans as well as local and regional conservation initiatives. A potential acquisition must go through this process in order to receive a commitment from the agency to pursue acquisition funding. This is true even in the case that a landowner desires to donate property. 

In March, WDFW withdrew two land proposals for pursuit of funding, after local public officials raised concerns over payments in lieu of taxes and one landowner decided against selling to WDFW.

Should the department desire to acquire a particular parcel, WDFW will contact the landowner to determine his or her interest before initiating any acquisition proposal. The department develops acquisition agreements only with willing property owners. More information about WDFW’s land acquisition principles and strategic priorities is available online.

WDFW will not use operating budget funds for these land acquisitions. Instead, the department will seek state and federal grants for most of the proposed acquisitions. Potential grant sources include the state of Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program and federal grants through the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, including the Cooperative Endangered Species Conservation Fund (also known as "Section 6" funds) and the North American Wetlands Conservation Act.

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Map of Washington state showing the proposed 2017-2019 land acquisition poject locations
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Project Proposals

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