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Barker Canyon Osborne Bay Populars Million Dollar North Million Dollar South Ankeny No. 2 Ankeny No. 1 Blue Lake McLeary Alkali Lake Billy Clapp Lake Ancient Lake Stan Coffin Winchester Lake No. 3 Winchester Lake No. 2 Winchester Lake No. 1 Burke Lake East Evergreen East Caliche Lake Adams Road Frenchman Hills No. 4 Frenchman Hills No. 3 Frenchman Hills No. 2 Frenchman Hills No. 1 Blythe Corral Lake Southwest Glen Williams Lind Coulee East Bridge Site Lind Coulee West Bridge Site Lind Coulee Island Site Susan Lake Katy Lake Virginia Lake Quincy Lake Burke Lake West Burke Lake Southwest Evergreen North Evergreen Reservoir Southwest Clementine Lake Buckshot