Jefferson County
Site Name  Common Name Body of Water 
Big Quilcene Big Quilcene Easement Quilcene River
Big Quilcene River Quilcene Access Quilcene River
Crocker Lake Crocker Lake Crocker Lake
Duckabush River Duckabush Access Duckabush River
Gardiner Gardiner Puget Sound
Indian George Indian George Quilcene Quilcene Bay
Leland Lake Leland Lake Leland Lake
Morgans Crossing Morgans Crossing Hoh River
Pleasant Harbor Pleasant Harbor Hood Canal
Point Whitney Point Whitney Tidelands Hood Canal
Tarboo Lake Tarboo Lake Tarboo Lake
Triton Cove Triton Cove Hood Canal
VanAusdale Dowan's Creek Bogachiel River
Marked statewide location map of Jefferson County

County location in Washington state


Mapping for Water Access Sites and Lake Type

Trout emphasis Trout emphasis Mixed species - Trout emphasis Mixed species - Trout emphasis Mixed species - Warmwater emphasis Mixed species - Warmwater emphasis
Trout emphasis, Fly Fishing Only  Trout emphasis, Fly Fishing Only Mixed species - Trout emphasis, Fly Fishing Only Mixed species - Trout emphasis, Fly Fishing Only Warmwater emphasis Warmwater emphasis
Trout emphasis, Selective Gear Trout emphasis, Selective Gear Mixed species - Trout emphasis, Selective Gear Mixed species - Trout emphasis, Selective Gear WDFW Water Access Site WDFW Water Access Site