Skagit County
Site Name  Common Name Body of Water 
Baker River Baker River/Skagit River Skagit River
Barnaby Slough Lewis Farm (Barnaby Slough) Skagit River
Beaver Lake Beaver Lake Beaver Lake
Big Lake Big Lake Big Lake
Birdsview Birdsview Skagit River
Campbell Lake Campbell Lake Campbell Lake
Cavanaugh Lake Cavanaugh Lake Cavanaugh Lake
Clear Lake Clear Lake Clear Lake
Diking District #22 Diking District #22 (No. Fork) Skagit River
Edgewater Park Edgewater Skagit River
Erie Lake Erie Lake Erie Lake
Faber Ferry North Skagit Co Faber Ferry North Skagit River
Faber Ferry South Skagit Co Faber Ferry South Skagit River
Hamilton Skagit Co (Hamilton) Skagit River
Heart Lake Heart Lake Heart Lake
Jensen (Maupin Rd.) Jensen Skagit Bay
Mannerude (Gilligan Creek) Mannerude (Gilligan Creek) Skagit River
McMurray Lake McMurray Lake McMurray Lake
Milltown Milltown Skagit River
North Fork North Fork Skagit River
North Fork Rawlins Road Skagit River
Pressentin Creek Pressentin Creek C.Club Skagit River
PUD (Gardner Road) PUD (Gardner Road) Skagit River
Roger #2 (South) Roger #2 (South) Samish River
Samish North Roger #1 Samish River
Sedro Woolley Joseph Skagit River
Sixteen Lake Sixteen Lake Sixteen Lake
Skagit City Skagit Co (Skagit City) Skagit River
Skagit Co (Lymans Ferry South) Skagit Co (Lymans Ferry South) Skagit River
Skagit Headquarters Headquarters (Milltown Access) Skagit Bay
Skagit River Rockport//Bald Eagle Skagit River
Spudhouse Skagit Co Comm (Spudhouse) Skagit River
Vogler Lake Vogler Lake Vogler Lake
Witham (Marblemount) Witham (Marblemount) Skagit River
Youngs Bar Youngs Bar Skagit River
Marked statewide location map of Skagit County

County location in Washington state


Mapping for Water Access Sites and Lake Type

Trout emphasis Trout emphasis Mixed species - Trout emphasis Mixed species - Trout emphasis Mixed species - Warmwater emphasis Mixed species - Warmwater emphasis
Trout emphasis, Fly Fishing Only  Trout emphasis, Fly Fishing Only Mixed species - Trout emphasis, Fly Fishing Only Mixed species - Trout emphasis, Fly Fishing Only Warmwater emphasis Warmwater emphasis
Trout emphasis, Selective Gear Trout emphasis, Selective Gear Mixed species - Trout emphasis, Selective Gear Mixed species - Trout emphasis, Selective Gear WDFW Water Access Site WDFW Water Access Site