Asotin Creek
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Bob Dice
1049 Port Way
Clarkston, WA 99403
(509) 758-3151

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Asotin Creek Wildlife Area
Asotin Creek Wildlife AreaThe Asotin Wildlife Area's over 30,000 acres, including nearly 6,000 acres leased from the Department of Natural Resources (DNR), is managed in three non-contiguous units: Asotin Creek, George Creek, and Weatherly. The management units fall roughly into two blocks: the forks and tributaries of Asotin Creek, and George Creek, the largest tributary of the Asotin mainstem. Elevations range from 1,300 feet on Pintler Creek to 4,600 feet on Smoothing Iron Ridge.
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  • Asotin Creek
  • George Creek
  • Weatherly
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    Lick Creek Road and South Fork Road on the Asotin Creek Wildlife Area are closed to motorized vehicles December 1 through April 1 to protect wintering wildlife.
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