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for information on how you can get involved in the Wildlife Areas HCP planning process. 

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Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP)

Public Involvement

When the HCP was initiated, WDFW formulated a comprehensive strategy to guide public involvement throughout development of the plan. Below are a number of ways to be involved in the HCP process.

Public Meetings

  • WDFW held a series of public meetings across the state to introduce the Wildlife Areas HCP and receive early public input.  In addition, as part of the NEPA/SEPA process, four public scoping meetings were held in 2010.

Tribal Involvement

  • WDFW is committed to engaging the tribes of Washington, as well as tribes outside Washington with treaty rights in the state, on a government-to-government level throughout development of the HCP.  We has outreached to and dialogued with these tribes, and will continue to collaborate on technical and policy aspects of the WLA HCP.

Other public involvement opportunities

  • WDFW can engage existing stakeholder groups in the development of the HCP, primarily through the Wildlife Area Advisory Committees (WAACs). For more information on how you can participate in these groups, please contact Melinda Posner, Planning, Outreach & Recreation Section Manager, at 360-902-2365.

Comments, Newsletters, Updates, etc.

  • Website updates and specific outreach to stakeholder groups will continue to be used to keep the public and stakeholders informed about the HCP process.