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Klickitat Wildlife Area
Klickitat Wildlife AreaThe 14,700-acre Klickitat Wildlife Area is located in western Klickitat County on the east slope of the Cascade Mountains, about halfway between the Columbia River Gorge to the south and Mt. Adams to the north. Most of its six management units border the Klickitat River, fed by Mt. Adams glaciers and supporting federally listed steelhead, spring Chinook and bull trout.

The first land purchase in 1948 was made for access to the Klickitat River’s summer-run steelhead fishery, but the area also provides black-tailed deer wintering range and important habitat for the Western gray squirrel and Vaux’s swift. The area includes diverse vegetation in forested riparian zones along the Klickitat River, south-facing hillsides of open grasslands, north-facing hillsides forested with conifers, and a flat plateau covered by mixed forests of oak and pine interspersed with small grassland openings. There are 19 wildlife ponds and numerous springs located throughout the area. Wildlife use is diverse, from elk to western pond turtles.

How to Get Here
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  • Dillacort Canyon
  • Fisher Hill
  • Goldendale Hatchery
  • Mineral Springs
  • Soda Springs
  • Sondino Ponds
  • Swale Creek
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