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Klickitat Wildlife Area
Fisher Hill Unit
Fisher Hill consists of several parcels over roughly 500 acres. It is located on the Klickitat River, downstream from the Dillacort Canyon unit. This segment of the river flows through a narrow channel that was fished by the Yakama Tribe and remains an important fishing site. Habitat types at Fisher Hill are pine-oak woodlands and open grasslands similar to those at Dillacort Canyon.
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    Driving Directions
    Properties comprising the Fisher Hill Unit are distributed along State Route 142. The parcel farthest downstream on the Klickitat River is approximately 1 mi. NE of Lyle. A river access site is located at Milepost 5.
    Parking/Restroom Information
    Parking is along the road and in the camping area at Milepost 5.
    Other Information
    Overnight camping is allowed at the Milepost 5 river access site. Campfires are permitted except during the seasonal burn ban, which usually runs from June 1 to October 30.
    Unique Features
    The Klickitat Trail passes through the Fisher Hill Unit. The Klickitat Trail is a popular hiking and mountain biking route. It is accessed along Highway 142, at Lyle, and also from the lower end of the Fisher Hill Road, just west of its crossing over the river.

    The Klickitat Trail is open to nonmotorized use. Horses are not presently allowed on the trail. Dogs should be on leash to prevent conflicts with other users and landowners.

    Rules for the use of the Klickitat Trail are posted at the access points.

    Other Information
    The primary management objective for this unit is protection of riparian habitat along the Klickitat River, to maintain fish and wildlife habitat quality.
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