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Susan Van Leuven
Glenwood Highway
Goldendale, WA 98620
(509) 773-4459

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Goldendale Hatchery Unit
Goldendale Hatchery Unit is located along Spring Creek adjacent to WDFW’s Goldendale Fish Hatchery. The 240-acre unit historically was a farm and its agricultural fields are now being cultivated under a sharecrop agreement. A portion of the wheat produced is left in the field as supplementary feed for upland game birds. Pen-reared pheasants are released for fall hunting. Other public uses include waterfowl hunting and trout fishing.
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  • How to Get Here
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    Driving Directions
    From Goldendale, drive 4 mi. west on State Highway 142, to the intersection with Hill Road (on a bend in the highway). Go north on Hill Rd. about 0.6 mi. There, a primitive road intersects from the east. This is the main access road to the unit.
    Parking/Restroom Information
    Parking is allowed along the road. There is no restroom facility.
    Other Information
    This is a day use area. No camping or fires are permitted.
    Unique Features
    Spring Creek flows through this unit, and is available for fishing. Most of the acreage is managed as a pheasant release site.
    Other Information
    The Goldendale Hatchery Unit is managed as a pheasant hunting area. Fishing is permitted along Spring Creek (see Fishing Regulations). This 240 acre site is bordered by Fish Hatchery Road on the north, and Hill Road to the west. From Highway 142, drive about 0.7 mi. north on Hill Road and turn right on a dirt road (just north of Spring Creek) to access the site. This unit is day-use only. Marmots are sometimes observed on this unit. They present an interesting viewing opportunity for visitors. No hunting of this species is allowed.
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