Sagebrush Flat
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Dan Peterson
54 Moe Rd.
Brewster, WA 98812
(509) 686-4305

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Sagebrush Flat Wildlife Area
Sagebrush Flat Wildlife AreaSagebrush Flat Wildlife Area is located in Douglas County and covers 12,718 acres managed in four separate units: Sagebrush Flat, Dormaier, Chester Butte and Bridgeport. The Wildlife Area is predominantly shrubsteppe, a habitat that is essential to the survival of three state listed species: Columbian sharp-tailed grouse, greater sage grouse and pygmy rabbit. Consequently the SFWA is managed to promote recovery of the pygmy rabbit, sage grouse and sharp-tailed grouse as well as to protect and provide habitat for other shrubsteppe dependent species and wildlife. The area also includes a great diversity of other habitat types and associated wildlife species. Together they offer good wildlife and outdoor recreational opportunities. The area is a Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) wildlife mitigation project that partially addresses adverse impacts from Chief Joseph and Grand Coulee hydroelectric dams on the Columbia River.
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  • Bridgeport
  • Chester Butte
  • Dormaier
  • Sagebrush Flat
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