Scatter Creek
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Darric Lowery
PO Box 609
Rochester, WA 98579
(360) 273-5126

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Scatter Creek Wildlife Area
Scatter Creek Wildlife AreaThe 926-acre Scatter Creek Wildlife Area is located in Thurston County and is managed as three units. It lies in the Puget Sound Trough lowlands with the Cascade Mountain Range to the east, the Willapa Hills to the southwest, and the Black Hills to the northwest. Scatter Creek Wildlife Area lies on a glacial outwash plain, rimmed by low-lying hills formed by the last continental ice sheet 12,000 years ago.
How to Get Here
For driving directions and more information on this Wildlife Area's units, please click on the links below:
  • Black River
  • Davis Creek
  • Scatter Creek
  • Skookumchuck
  • West Rocky Prairie
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