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Sinlahekin Wildlife Area
Sinlahekin Wildlife AreaThe Sinlahekin Wildlife Area includes more than 23,000 acres in seven units in central Okanogan County. Elevation ranges from 928 feet on the Driscoll-Eyhott Island unit to over 4,000 feet on the Sinlahekin, which comprises most of this wildlife area. The Sinlahekin is the oldest wildlife area in Washington, with the first parcels purchased in 1939 using federal Pittman-Robertson funds to preserve mule deer winter range. Fishing, hunting, camping and hiking are very popular.
How to Get Here
For driving directions and more information on this Wildlife Area's units, please click on the links below:
  • Buzzard Lake
  • Carter Mountain
  • Chiliwist
  • Driscoll-Eyhott Island
  • Horse Spring Coulee
  • McLoughlin Falls
  • Sinlahekin
    Public conduct rules for WDFW Lands restrict the discharge of firearms within 500 feet of any of the 3 designated campgrounds for the Sinlahekin Unit. See locations for all 21 WDFW designated campgrounds here.

    Sinlahekin Map

    A map of the Sinlahekin is
    available at WDFW offices in
    north-central Washington.

    Sinlahekin Ecosystem Restoration Project
    This is a report on the results from a study that reconstructed the conifer forest stand composition and structure on the Sinlahekin Creek and Sarsapkin Creek alluvial fans as they appeared in 1896 and compared to the stand composition and structure in 2009 of the same alluvial fans. Read the Report >>
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