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Wildlife Areas
Sinlahekin Wildlife Area
Chiliwist Unit
The Chiliwist’s 4,889 acres, plus BLM’s 760 acres within the unit’s boundaries, are located near the town of Malott, primarily within the rugged terrain of the Chiliwist Creek drainage. Most of the unit is south-facing, with an elevation range from about 1,000 feet to nearly 3,100 feet on the top of Chiliwist Butte. Over a mile of Chiliwist Creek transects the area in a west to easterly direction. There are two man-made irrigation ponds and about 20 springs in varying states of flow. Habitat types include shrub-steppe, wetland, rocks and cliffs, and dry forest The Chiliwist was purchased in 1977 using Pittman-Robertson funds for critical mule deer wintering habitat. A grazing permit on 4,100 acres manipulates vegetation, WDFW plants 80 acres of spring grains annually, and a sharecrop agreement on another 80 acres is for hay production – all to increase mule deer forage. Also found here are bighorn sheep, moose, black bear, cougar, waterfowl, wild turkey and forest grouse. Sharp-tailed grouse were present on the Chiliwist until some time in the 1980’s. Deer and upland game bird hunting are very popular.
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    Access Site #1
    Driving Directions
    Headed north from Brewster on Old Highway 97 about 2 miles southwest of Malott, turn left (west) onto Chiliwist Road. Proceed uphill about 1 mile to the Chiliwist Wildlife Area. Headed south from Malott on Old Highway 97 about 2 miles soutwest of Malott, turn right (west) onto Chiliwist Road. Proceed uphill about 1 mile to the Chiliwist Wildlife Area.
    Parking/Restroom Information
    Parking and restroom on right (East) side of Chiliwist Rd about .3 miles past entrance to Chiliwist Wildlife Area. Additional parking at beginning of Chiliwist Butte Rd.

    See listing of Chiliwist Access Sites and Facility Information

    Other Information
    Request people avoid using roads during mud season
    Other Information
    A camp site is located on the South side of the Golden Rule Road on the West end of the Chiliwist Wildife Area.
    Chiliwist Wildlife Area Management Plan
    Driscoll-Eyhott Islands Wildlife Area Management Plan
    Sinlahekin Wildlife Area Management Plan
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