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Brian Boehm
16018 Mill Creek Blvd.
Mill Creek, WA 98012
(425) 327-4869

Wildlife Areas
Snoqualmie Wildlife Area
Corson Natural Unit
The Corson Natural unit includes 160 acres of river bottomland just north of Lake Stevens in a rural residential area. It was last logged and cleared in the 1950s. The previous owner donated the property to WDFW in 1976 for wildlife habitat enhancement and non-hunting public use. The unit contains several large ponds and approximately seven acres of fields that provide forage for birds and waterfowl. Corson Natural unit also contains second growth forest with deciduous and coniferous trees. Catherine Creek cuts through the northeastern corner of the unit. In the last 15 years, volunteer groups have cleared the alder trees and brush and planted about eight acres of coniferous trees. There is no developed public access.
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