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Spencer Island is located in the Snohomish River estuary just east of Everett. Through a joint acquisition and co-management agreement in 1989, WDFW owns 175 acres and Snohomish County Parks and Recreation Department owns 240 acres. The island is a flat, grassy wetland complex ringed by mixed forest that provides waterfowl and wildlife habitat. In 2005, the dike breached by an act of nature on the WDFW property on the northwest side of the island, restoring muted tidal influence to the area. Numerous community volunteer projects have helped maintain an elevated hiking trail that is approximately 1 mile long. This trail provides waterfowl hunting and wildlife viewing opportunities. Various salmon recovery groups are working together to continue restoration of this estuarine system. A potential opportunity for full restoration of tidal flow to 313 acres of Spencer Island is currently being considered through a partnership between the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and WDFW.  If funded, the project will fully restore estuarine processes and seasonal riverine flooding to the interior of the Island to enhance tidal marsh and improve habitat for juvenile salmon, while maintaining the public access trail (see link to the right for details). Parking and access to the area are through the City of Everett's water treatment plant on 4th Avenue just beyond Langus Riverfront Park.

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  • How to Get Here
    Access Site #1
    Driving Directions
    Southbound I-5 from Marysville:
    Take exit 198 in Marysville and head south on Highway 529. Follow signs for Dagmar's Marina and turn onto Smith Island Road. Continue past Dagmar's Marina and turn right towards Langus Riverfront Park. Continue past the park and under Interstate 5 and past the sewage treatment center to the end of the road. Cross the bridge on foot to access Spencer Island.

    Northbound I-5 from Everett:
    Take exit 199 in Marysville. Get back on I-5 going south. Follow the above southbound directions.

    Parking/Restroom Information
    The parking area is about 1/4 mile back on the entrance road near the sewage treatment facility buildings. There is a honeybucket across the bridge to the left.
    Other Information
    This area is closed during hours of darkness.
    Unique Features
    This is an intertidal wetland popular with wildlife watchers and waterfowl hunters. The WDFW manages the north part of the island and Snohomish County manages the south. Hunting is allowed only on the north/WDFW portion of the island. To get to this area, cross the bridge and turn left. Continue for about 1/4 mile to large wood WDFW signs marking the beginning of WDFW ownership. Property line runs due east across the island; everything to the north is open to hunting.
    Other Information
    There is a 15-shell limit in place on this site. Please refer to waterfowl regulations for details. CAUTION: This Unit is intertidal- water levels are constantly changing. Know the tidal conditions before venturing off of the dike trail.
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