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Brian Boehm
16018 Mill Creek Blvd.
Mill Creek, WA 98012
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Wildlife Areas
Snoqualmie Wildlife Area
Stillwater Unit
This 456-acre unit is located three miles north of the town of Carnation. As the largest unit it has the greatest diversity of habitats. It was purchased in 1970 to provide hunting opportunities and other wildlife recreation. WDFW created a network of fields ranging in size from 20 to 40 acres, ringed with brushy drainages and hedgerows. Seasonal flooding is common and can inundate 20 to 70 percent of the unit. Stillwater has three small oxbow lakes (totaling about three acres), two that are connected to Harris Creek during high flow events and one that is a separate drainage. Harris Creek runs through the center of the property for about 10,500 feet before emptying into the Snoqualmie River. This unit also has 8,500 feet of river shoreline. An abandoned railroad trestle and a footbridge cross Harris Creek. The major uses here are waterfowl and pheasant hunting, fishing nature observation, and hiking. A King County Parks and Recreation Department bicycle/walking/running trail skirts the unitís eastern boundary for three-fourths of a mile. There are two parking areas a mile apart adjacent to Highway 203 with reader boards.
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  • Birds of Prey
  • Eagles
  • Songbirds
  • Upland Birds
  • Wading Birds
  • Waterfowl
  • Mammals

  • Deer
  • Elk
  • Small Mammals
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  • How to Get Here
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    Driving Directions
    This Unit is located on Highway 203 between Carnation and Duvall, on the west side of the highway. The north parking lot is across the highway from the Fay Road intersection. The south parking lot is just north of the Stillwater gas station on Highway 203.
    Parking/Restroom Information
    There are two parking areas. No restroom facilities are available.
    Other Information
    This area is closed during hours of darkness.
    Unique Features
    This is a popular pheasant hunting site with some waterfowl hunting opportunities in the fall and winter. Other popular activities include wildlife watching and hiking along the river.

    Snoqualmie Wildlife Area Hunting Hours Reinstated
    Hunting hours from 8am to 4pm have been reinstated for all hunters on the following units: Stillwater, Cherry Valley, Crescent Lake. This will be in effect during the Western Washington Pheasant Season. For the rest of the hunting season normal hunting hours, half hour before sunrise to half hour after sunset, will apply. For more information, contact WDFW's Mill Creek Regional Office at (425) 775-1311.

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