Sunnyside-Snake River
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Phillip Buser
2620 North Commercial Ave
Pasco, WA 99301
(509) 545-2028

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Sunnyside-Snake River Wildlife Area
Rattlesnake Slope Unit
The Rattlesnake Slope unit comprises 3,661 acres located five miles north of Benton City. Elevations range from 2000 feet along top of Rattlesnake Ridge to 400 feet on the lower portions at Horn Rapids. Historically this unit was a good example of native shrub-steppe habitat. A series of fires in the past few years, most notably in the summer of 2000, destroyed all but a few small remnants of the shrub component. A restoration seeding on about 900 acres in December 2000 is now showing very successful establishment of native grasses and shrubs. A smaller restoration project was implemented after another fire in 2003 and is showing promise. For the most part, the remainder of the area now exists as grassland but native forbs are beginning to reappear. Recreation includes horseback riding, target shooting, hiking and hunting. Chukar, deer and elk are the most likely species to be hunted.
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  • How to Get Here
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    Driving Directions
    In Benton Co., and from I-82, take the Benton City exit, drive north,through Benton City on state highway 225. From the interstate, drive about 7 miles on hwy 225. The parking lot is on the left.
    Parking/Restroom Information
    Gravel parking lot. No facilities
    Other Information
    Daylight hours only.
    Unique Features
    This is a 3,661 acre site with walk in traffic only. The east side of the property, nearest hwy 225, is highly disturbed and invasive plants are present. The interior portion of the site is good quality bunchgrass with many wildflowers in the early spring. Canyons and rimrock begin in the interior and spill out through the eastern slope of the property.
    Other Information
    A large area running parallel to the highway is leased by the Tri Cities Shooting Association as a multiple use, intensively managed target range. The boundary is fenced, which provides an adequate safety margin for those visiting the remainder of this management unit.
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