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Wells Wildlife Area
West Foster Creek Unit
The West Foster Creek unit’s 1,050 acres lie south of and adjacent to the Bridgeport Unit of the Sagebrush Flat Wildlife Area in Douglas County. Its shrubsteppe habitat supports sharp-tailed grouse, white-tailed jackrabbit, sage thrasher, sage and Brewer’s sparrows, mule deer and other wildlife species. Sage grouse have also been observed on the unit. Beaver activity has resulted in a network of ponds and channels, increasing wetland habitat in the northern portion of the unit. The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife restored 300 acres of shrubsteppe habitat, planted riparian habitat and constructed several ponds on the unit. Upland game birds occurring on the unit include ring-necked pheasant, California quail, grey partridge and Chukar. Sharp-tailed grouse are a protected species that can be found anywhere on the unit. Upland bird hunters are advised to be proficient at identifying these birds.
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    Access Site #1
    Driving Directions
    From Highway 17 about 1 mile south of Bridgeport, proceed south on Bridgeport Hill Road about 4 miles to the north boundary of the Unit.
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    3 parking areas. No restroom facilities.
    Unique Features
    Meadow, riparian, wetland and shrubsteppe habitat on the unit support a great diversity of wildlife species. Water birch and other woody species provide winter habitat for sharp-tailed grouse.
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