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Floodplain Management Plan

The W.T. Wooten Floodplain Management Plan (FMP) was developed by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) as an integrated, cross-program effort to improve conditions within the Tucannon floodplain.

The FMP identified initiatives to improve ecological functions and recreational opportunities and addressed facility deficiencies for the eight man-made lakes (the Tucannon Lakes) and Tucannon River floodplain within the W.T. Wooten Wildlife Area.

What's New?

WDFW has received $2 million in funding for continued implementation of the FMP for the 2015 to 2017 biennium. Continued feasibility analysis and design development will occur through this biennium to further the following conceptual actions identified in the FMP:

  • Developing site survey plans and geotechnical investigation plans for each of the Tucannon Lakes
  • Preparing design evaluations and construction costs estimates
  • Furthering the design of the Rainbow Lake Enhancement and Rehabilitation Project, which includes improvement of fish and wildlife habitat, water quality, storage capacity, and access for anglers. The project also includes improvement of dam safety and reduction of seepage
  • Continuing design of large wood restoration projects
  • Implementing a Public Involvement Work Plan and holding additional public meetings (see Upcoming Events on sidebar)
  • See the latest Information Updates for additional detail on these actions.

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