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Give a Wildlife License Plate as a Gift

Give a 'WILD' gift this Holiday
Watch our promotional video on how to
give this wonderful and unique holiday gift.

  • Super idea for gift-giving
  • Share the beauty of wildlife every day with your friends and family.
  • For the person who has everything - give them the gift of a unique new license plate and support important wildlife work at the same time.
Gift Envelope
Gift Envelope

There are two ways that you can give a wildlife-themed license plate as a gift. The easiest way is to download the Gift Envelope on this webpage that includes pictures of the wildlife species choices, print it out at 100% size (8-1/2” x 11”) on a color printer, fold along the dotted lines to create an envelope, and place cash or check inside. The recipient can select his or her own favorite and use the money to obtain a plate when he or she re-licenses a motor vehicle. The initial cost of a wildlife-themed plate with the next available number is $72.75.  Personalized wildlife-themed plates can be purchased for $124.75.  For more information regarding these wildlife-themed and personalized license plates, please visit:

You can put in an order for a wildlife plate for someone else, but it won’t be a surprise because you will need to obtain his or her signature on the certificate of fact and application form, since buying a license plate is a legal transaction. The certificate of fact must provide authorization for you to purchase the plates for the registered owner.  Here are the steps you need to take:

  1. Download and fill out the Certificate of Fact. Make sure to have the vehicle owner sign and date the form. (Notary is not needed for this transaction).  
  2. Download one of the Dept. Of Licensing Special License Plate Applications and complete.
  3. Provide cash or money order (no checks) to cover the cost of the background plate and associated fees. Exact cost depends on the vehicle, where the recipient lives, and where the license plate is purchased. Purchases at County Auditors’ offices are $72.75. Purchases at subagents trigger additional subagent fees.  
  4. Take all paperwork, or mail to a vehicle licensing office. Call the individual office for applicable subagent fees.

    NOTE: Personalized plates and Personalized-special plates may be purchased only at the King County vehicle licensing office or by mailing the application and fees to Department of Licensing in Olympia (see application for address). If renewing your vehicle registration, contact DOL at 360-902-3770 or a local vehicle licensing office for the fees.

Please be aware that there is a requirement to obtain or purchase a Discover Pass or Vehicle Access Pass to park and use WDFW lands and facilities. Please note that purchasing "Wildlife-Themed License Plates" do not exempt users from this requirement.