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Personalized License Plates

Hundreds of non-game wildlife species benefit from personalized plate sales

For more than 40 years, the sale of personalized license plates has been the primary source of funding for the management of non-game wildlife including peregrine falcons, pygmy rabbits and killer whales.  

Personalized plates, which can be purchased through the Washington Department of Licensing, have an initial fee of $79.95 and can be renewed for $42 in addition to annual tab fees, which vary by location and type of vehicle.

A portion of those fees – $2 from each plate purchased – supports the care and rehabilitation of sick, injured or orphaned wildlife.

In addition, $10 per personalized license plate helps fund the management and conservation of wolves in Washington. These funds support activities such as monitoring wolves, preventing wolf-livestock conflicts and compensating livestock owners for losses from wolf kills.

The remaining revenues help fund the management of more than 250 "non-game" animals that are off-limits to hunting, fishing or trapping. Some of these species, such as grizzly bears, western pond turtles or snowy plovers are classified as threatened or endangered. Others, such as lizards, seals and some song birds, are managed but are not protected species.

To manage Washington's wildlife resources, WDFW conducts surveys and research, evaluates the health of wildlife populations, protects key habitat and supports native species in other ways.  The department also provides opportunities for wildlife viewing and assists urban dwellers in creating backyard habitat that is attractive to wildlife.

Personalize Your Wildlife Background
Eagle Combination Plate
Personalized plates can be combined with wildlife background license plates, which also help support wildlife in the state. Learn more about these plates at WDFW's wildlife background license plate webpage.