Special Permits Required in Addition to Fishing Contest Permit

There may be other permits that are required by WDFW and other agencies in addition to the WDFW Permit to Conduct a Fishing Contest for the Taking of Game Fish. These permits are dependent upon the body of water being fished.

WDFW Owned or Managed Lands
A Temporary Use Permit is required for any private or public event involving more than 30 people on any lands that are managed or owned by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WAC 232-13-090). For more information contact:

Region 1 – Brian Trickel (509) 892-7854 ext. 338 or Brian.Trickel@dfw.wa.gov
Region 2 – Terrie Preston (509) 754-4624 ext. 17 or Terrie.Preston@dfw.wa.gov
Region 3 – Leah Hendrix (509) 457-9312 or Leah.Hendrix@dfw.wa.gov
Region 4 – Kye Iris (425) 775-1311 ext. 125 or Kye.Iris@dfw.wa.gov
Region 5 – Bob Cannon (360-249-1207 or Robert.Cannon@dfw.wa.gov)
Region 6 – Bob Cannon (360-249-1207 or Robert.Cannon@dfw.wa.gov)

Lake Roosevelt - National Park Service
A Special Use Permit to conduct a fishing tournament on Lake Roosevelt may be required if launching from a National Park Service (NPS) administered boat launch site. An application can be requested by email or phone and must be submitted at least two weeks in advance. However, if the application could be submitted 30 days prior to holding the fishing contest, it would be greatly appreciated. A fee for the permit may be required in advance of the contest. Other park fees for launching and camping must also be paid and associated rules followed. A copy of the WDFW final report for fishing contests must be submitted to the NPS. Contact Mary Jay (509-633-3830 ext. 37 or Mary_Jay@nps.gov.

Colville Confederated Tribes
No special permits or licenses are required if fishing from a boat. However, a tribal license is required if fishing from shore or launching from areas of Lake Roosevelt controlled by the Colville Tribes. For more information call the CCT Fish and Wildlife Department (509-634-2110).

Spokane Tribe
Areas of Lake Roosevelt controlled by the Spokane Tribe and off limits to non-tribal members are posted. If launching from property under the jurisdiction of the Spokane Tribe, call 509-258-9119 (enforcement) for more information.

Duck Lake (Grays Harbor) - City of Ocean Shores
Fishing contests held on Duck Lake are required by the city of Ocean Shores to have a marine special event permit. An application for a marine special event permit is obtained from the Ocean Shores Permit Center. The completed application should be submitted no later than 30 days prior to holding the fishing contest. The application may be submitted by mail, FAX, or in person. It is important to note that the sponsor of the fishing contest must have proof of insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 for the specific dates of the fishing contest indemnifying the city of Ocean Shores.

Ocean Shores Permit Center
710 Point Brown Ave. NE
P.O. Box 909
Ocean Shores, WA 98569

Scooteney Reservoir - Bureau of Reclamation
The Bureau of Reclamation (USBR) requires notification for fishing contests held on Scooteney Reservoir due to potential impacts to USBR facilities. For contests having 20 boats or less either contact the USBR Ephrata Field Office (Bruce Loranger, 509-754-0210). For contests having more than 20 boats, the USBR requires a special event permit. This permit is for the land use of Scooteney Park and related facilities. The cost of the permit is $300 ($200 application fee + $100 event fee) and if the event is regularly scheduled, it can be good for up to 5 years. To obtain a special event permit application and/or if there are any questions, please contact Bruce Loranger at the above number or via email at bloranger@pn.usbr.gov.

Box Canyon Reservoir (Pend Oreille River) - City of Cusick
The City of Cusick requires notification of fishing contests being held on Box Canyon Reservoir that are using Cusick Public Park and/or the Cusick Boat Launch. For contests having 20 or more boats, a Cusick Public Park and Boat Launch Permit is required. The cost of the permit is $75 and is obtained from the town of Cusick. To obtain the permit application and/or if there are any questions, please contact the town clerk or mayor of Cusick at:

Town of Cusick
P.O. Box 263
Cusick, WA 99119
(509) 445-1718

Cusick City Hall is located on 111 First St. and is only open one day per week. That day is Tuesday and the hours of business are noon to 6pm.

Columbia River (bordering with Oregon) - Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife
An Oregon Fishing Contest Permit may also be required if any fishing activity is going to take place on Oregon tributaries and sloughs for any Washington fishing contests held on Lake Wallula, Lake Umatilla, Lake Celilo, Bonneville Lake, and the Columbia River below Bonneville Dam.

    1. If the contest is limited to 24 or less boats or 49 or fewer participants, a permit is not required. However, the appropriate ODFW district staff must be notified.
    2. If the contest has 25 or more boats or 50 or more participants a permit is required. In addition, an Oregon State Board Marine Event Permit is required (http://www.boatoregon.com/OSMB/BoatLaws/Events.shtml).
    3. Anglers fishing Oregon tributaries and sloughs will need to obtain an Oregon fishing license.
    4. Anglers fishing in Oregon tributaries and sloughs will be required to follow Oregon size and bag limits.
    5. All bass are to be released in the vicinity of where they were caught.

If there are any questions, you can contact either Terry Shrader – 541-388-6363, ext. 227 or Gary Galovich – 541-757-4186, ext. 244.

Navigable Waterways - U.S. Coast Guard Marine Event Permit
The U.S. Coast Guard may require a marine event permit for fishing contests that are held on waters defined as navigable.

For fishing contests held on Lake Washington, Lake Union, Lake Washington Ship Canal, and Lake Sammamish, contact:

Commander (spw)
U.S. Coast Guard Sector Seattle
1519 Alaskan Way S.
Seattle, WA 98134-1192
Attn: Marine Event Permits
Phone: (206) 217-6051
Email: SectorSeattleWWM@uscg.mil

U.S. Coast Guard Sector Seattle has a webpage and copies of the application may be downloaded.
U.S. Coast Guard Sector Seattle Marine Application Process

For fishing contests held on the Columbia River and its’ impoundments, the Yakima River, the Snake River and its’ impoundments, the Pend Oreille River, and the Spokane River, contact:

U.S. Coast Guard Sector Portland
Attn: Waterways Management – Marine Event Permit
6767 N. Basin Ave.
Portland, OR 97217
Phone: (503) 240-9319


BM1 Silvestre Suga III
503-247-4015 ext. 415