For more information on the Hydraulic Permit Application (HPA) Program, please contact:
WDFW Habitat Program
(360) 902-2534


How to Apply for an HPA
EMERGENCY HPA HOTLINE - (360) 902-2537 Non-business hours only

New for 2013 - Simplified HPA Applications
You may be eligible to use the Department’s new simplified application for HPA’s. If you are interested in applying for a HPA for road maintenance work, mineral prospecting, beaver dam modification, repositioning or removal of large wood, dock maintenance/repair, scientific instrument installation, trenchless conduit (utility) crossing, or fish screen maintenance or replacement, and your project does not require review under a Army Corps of Engineers Section 404 Permit, you may be eligible to use the simplified HPA application. Learn more >>

The form to apply for an HPA is called a Joint Aquatic Resources Permit Application (JARPA).  JARPA is an application form that consolidates fourteen permit application forms for federal, state, and local permits.  JARPA is used to apply for an HPA and also for Water Quality Certifications or Modifications from the Department of Ecology, Aquatic Resource Use Authorizations from the Department of Natural Resources, Army Corps of Engineers permits, and Shoreline Management Act Permits from participating local city or county agencies.  The current JARPA form can be accessed at  The link to the JARPA form contains the complete JARPA packet including--JARPA Application Form, JARPA Instruction A: Completing JARPA, Instruction B: Help and Guidance, JARPA completed example, and notice of SEPA determination (that must be included with your JARPA).  JARPA forms are available from any Department of Fish and Wildlife office, as well as from any Department of EcologyArmy Corps of Engineers, or participating local government offices.  If you choose to obtain and complete a hard copy of JARPA be sure your JARPA packet includes Instruction A and B.  When requesting applications for all but emergency HPAs you must submit the JARPA to the Department of Fish and Wildlife in Olympia.  If submitting more than 30 pages of application materials you must also include digital copies of all documents.  The JARPA website contains specific instructions on how to complete and submit applications.  These instructions may change at times to enhance our permit streamlining effort--so be sure to obtain and review the most current JARPA Instructions.  Most applications for new HPAs or modifications of existing HPAs must include payment of the $150 application fee.  Payment of application fees must be by personal, business, or cashier’s check, or by charging to a billing account established with the department.  If you apply for multiple HPAs each year and wish to establish a billing account with the department, you may contact the department’s Habitat Program at (360) 902-2534.  The department will not accept credit cards or cash payments.  The following projects are exempt from the application fee:

  • Pamphlet permits
  • Mineral prospecting
  • Forest practices
  • Projects on farm and agricultural land, as that term is defined in RCW 84.34.020
  • Projects reviewed by a department biologist on contract with the applicant
  • Projects applied for prior to July 10, 2012, and modifications of permits issued to those projects
  • Projects and work conducted wholly landward of the ordinary high water line

If submitting more than 30 pages of application materials you must also include digital copies of all documents.  You must submit applications for all but emergency permits to the following address or email address:

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife
PO Box 43234
Olympia WA 98504-3234

You may submit requests for emergency HPAs to regional offices or directly to the biologist.  You do not need to pay $150 at the time you request an emergency HPA.  The department will bill you for the application fee when it sends you the written emergency HPA.