For more information on the Hydraulic Permit Application (HPA) Program, please contact:
WDFW Habitat Program
(360) 902-2534


New Simplified Application Available for Certain Project Types!

Simplified HPA Application
Adobe PDF Version
Adobe PDF Version
MS Word Version
MS Word Version
Multiple Landowner Permission Form
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Adobe PDF Version
MS Word Version
MS Word Version

Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of projects are eligible for review under the simplified application?

Eligible projects include road maintenance work, mineral prospecting, beaver dam modification, repositioning or removal of large wood, dock maintenance/repair, scientific instrument installation, trenchless conduit (utility) crossing, or fish screen maintenance or replacement.  Most of these project types also require submission of plans to help the Department understand your project.

May I use the previous version of the Simplified Application to apply for my project?

No. The previous version of the application did not include a section for property owner consent for the Department to enter the property at the project location. The Department needs this permission so previous versions of the application may not be used.

What if my project requires submitting a JARPA anyway since my project requires a federal permit like a Corps 404 Permit?

Then your project does not qualify for review under the simplified application.  Instead you would fill out the JARPA form and submit it for your Hydraulic Project Approval.

What if my project is a type not listed on this simplified application form?

Then you would fill out a Joint Aquatic Resource Permit Application (JARPA) instead.  Click here to find the JARPA form.

What if my project qualifies for the simplified application form, but I am more comfortable using the JARPA form instead.

The applicant always has the option to submit a JARPA form instead of this simplified application, even if your project is eligible for this simplified application.

What if my project requires SEPA or city or county permits?

Your project is still eligible for the simplified application.  Just attach your SEPA determination or exemption letter with your completed simplified application.

Does the Department review my simplified application any differently than if I submit a JARPA form instead?

No.  By statute, the Department has 45 days from receipt of a complete application to issue a decision.