For more information on the Hydraulic Permit Application (HPA) Program, please contact:
WDFW Habitat Program
(360) 902-2534


Technical assistance for better projects

WDFW offers a wide range of technical assistance that not only helps people implement habitat restoration projects, but also provides advice for designing fish-friendly stream crossings and residential and commercial/industrial development projects.

  • Pre-Application Assistance
    • You can submit a general concept of their project for review through APPS at no cost – and without the need for SEPA documentation, final design, or other specifics. A WDFW Habitat Biologist will contact you to discuss project design and answer questions about the application process. WDFW recommends this approach for people who are uncertain about what a successful application might entail.
  • Aquatic Habitat Guidelines
    • Guidance is available to help you with hydraulic project planning and design for culverts, bridges, streambank and shoreline bank protection projects and more.

WDFW provides drawing checklists and example drawings for common hydraulic projects to help you ensure that your drawing contains all the information we need for your project. 

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