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Scientific Collection Permit Instructions and Application
This is a new Application which is required for the Scientific Collection Permit
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Instructions for Application which is required for the Scientific Collection Permit
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Annual Report Form
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As specified in RCW 77.32.240, WAC 220-200-150, and WAC 220-450-030, it is unlawful to collect fish, shellfish, or wildlife or their nests and/or eggs for the purpose of research or display without first obtaining a Washington state scientific collection permit.

State scientific collection permits are issued to scientists/researchers, educators/educational institutions, and museums, aquariums/zoos. They are NOT issued to the general public for collection/take of fish and/or wildlife. Under WAC 220-400-040, it is unlawful to possess wildlife found dead (unless with an appropriate hunting/fishing licenses and following the rules and regulations). One CAN collect/take naturally shed antlers of deer, elk, or moose without a scientific collection permit.

The scientific collection permit fee is $117 ($12 for the permit and a non-refundable $105 application fee). Permit processing time is 60 days, pursuant to WAC 220-200-150.

In the box to the right labeled Scientific Collection Permit Instructions and Applications, you can download and print information about scientific collection permits, the application/permit form, and the annual report form. The application and permit are the same document.  You can choose from either Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat formats.  The application/permit form needs to be completed electronically and submitted via email.  For current permit holders, the Annual Report Form must be filled out electronically and submitted via email. There will be no exceptions.

The Annual Report Form contains three different tabs.  One tab is for fishes and aquatic invertebrates, a second tab is for all wildlife species and terrestrial invertebrates but excluding reptiles and amphibians, and the third tab is for reptiles and amphibians.  The annual report is due before a renewal permit is issued. 

Study plans and other related application documents may be submitted in one of two ways, mailed in or attached to an email.  The application and permit fees can be mailed in or paid with a credit card over the phone.

Send the application/permit and/or annual report to scp@dfw.wa.gov.

Payment (check or money order) and/or the study plan and associated documents may be sent to:

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife
Licensing Division
Attn: SCP
PO Box 43154
Olympia, WA 98504-3154

If you have questions or would like to pay your fees with a credit card please contact:

Phone: (360) 902-2464, Option 4
Email: scp@dfw.wa.gov