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Post Bat House

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Lumber Detail

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a Slanted roof
b 1 x 6 board
c 1 x 8 board ripped or left full size (see top view below)
d Galvanized screws
e Bat house box should be at least 3' long
f 4 lag bolts
g Bats enter and exit here. Roughen area with claw hammer.
h Non-treated 4 x 4 post 12 to 16 long.
i Place 30" to 36" into ground. Chemical treatment is recommended.
j Cut top of post at an angle and roughen sides. This is where most bats will roost.
k 1 1/2" cut
l 3/4" spacer (wood block). Use 4 lag bolts to attach box to 4 x 4 post


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Robin, Barn Swallow and Phoebe nest box

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