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Off-Channel Habitat Inventories

Habitat Sites Point Feature Class Downloads

The off channel habitat site locations are stored in an ArcGIS point feature class. The data is compressed in a zipfile and can be downloaded by clicking on the links given below. There are links for a geodatabase and for a shape file. The off channel sites in the Skagit and Stillaguamish basins have an additional attribute table containing the information from the survey forms. The attribute table can be joined to the point feature class using the Site_ID field. This attribute table is also part of the download. The survey form information for the Olympic Peninsula off channel sites has not been entered into an attribute table as yet. Hopefully, funding can be found to get this accomplished.

The off channel point feature class also has a field called Report_URL that has a path to the survey form PDFs. The survey form PDFs can be downloaded using the links given below. The PDFs are compressed into zip files. The PDFs for the North Puget Sound are contained in one zip file, while the Olympic Peninsula PDFs are broken up by basin given that there were twice as many site surveyed on the Olympic Peninsula. Some of these files are quite large so they may take some time to download. After you have downloaded the files, you should create a folder called "off_channel" under your C: drive, then create another folder called "reports" under the "off_channel" folder. The PDF zip files can then be unzipped into the "reports" folder to match the path given in the Report_URL field. ArcMap should read the Report_URL filed has a link to the PDFs.

The information and instructions displayed above can be downloaded here as a text file.

The following downloads are extremely large. A broadband internet connection will be necessary to access these files.

North Puget Sound

Olympic Peninsula