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This document is provided for archival purposes only.
Archived documents do not reflect current WDFW regulations or policy and may contain factual inaccuracies.

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June 03, 2003
Contact: Jerry Nelson, (360) 902-2519

WDFW Big Game Hunting Seasons and Rules Pamphlet errata

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife has made several corrections and clarifications to errors in the recently released 2003 Big Game Hunting Seasons and Rules pamphlet.

Corrections announced on August 27, 2003

  • Page 25 lists GMU 329 & 371 as permit only but on Page 26 under Eastern Washington Mule Deer it lists all 300 GMU open to general season. It should read all 300 GMU except 329 & 371.

  • Page 25 lists GMU 157, 490, 522 as closed, but on page 26 the chart doesn't list GMU 157 & 490 as closed and GMU 485 as permit only.

  • Page 32 reads $20.00 for Non-Resident Special Deer Permits-Second Deer "B" tag. It should read Non-Resident $200.00.

  • Page 38 reads Early Western Washington WM 3 pt min or. It should read Early Western Washington WM 3 pt min or Anterless.

  • Page 46-hunting season hours- reads days of hunting season as Sunday September 1 - Sunday September 8. All days listed are one day off. September 1st is a Monday not a Sunday. September 9th is a Tuesday not a Monday etc.

  • Page 36 reads GMU 157 & 371 in the modern firearm general elk season as permit only. These two GMUs should not be listed in the general season section. They are listed in the special permit section. The date listed for GMU 157 on page 36 reads October 25-Nov 2 it should read Nov 1-9, which is correct on page 39.

  • Page 37 reads Late Season Overlap section GMU 652. GMU 652 is not open for late season overlap.

  • Page 40 & 41 reads hunt choice 2051* & 2113*, it should read 2051A & 2113A.

  • Page 37 lists GMU 624 in two areas. It should be 3pt min or antlerless, not just 3pt min.

  • GMU 485 is a permit only GMU for deer and is not open during the late buck hunt. On page 25 it correctly states GMU 485 is permit only. The table on page 26 should list it as permit only.

Corrections announced on June 3, 2003

B-tag clarification:
B-tags are for antlerless deer and are applied for like any other special permit. Permit applications can be purchased through hunting and fishing license dealerships, via the toll-free license sales phone number (1-866-246-9453), or via the Internet at

Hunters from each of the three weapon groups can apply for a B-tag, and it can only be used during the early part of the general season for that GMU, consistent with the hunter's weapon choice.

For example, if a hunter designates modern firearm for the first, over-the-counter deer tag, the corresponding B-tag would be valid for the early season modern firearm dates for that GMU. Hunters are not required to use the general season tag before using the B-tag.

Once selected, successful permit holders can purchase their B-tag from any license vendor, but it must be purchased by Aug. 18. The "B-tag" is $20 for resident hunters, $10 for youth hunters and $200 for non-residents, plus the normal dealer and transaction fees.

Other corrections:

  • As in recent years, Game Management Units 329 and 371 remain permit-only units for deer. Only those hunters who draw a special permit for GMU 329 or 371 will be allowed to hunt deer in those units.

  • GMUs 157, 490, 522 are closed to deer hunting.

  • On Page 38, early muzzleloader elk rules for GMUs 501, 652, 663, 667 should read 3 pt. minimum or antlerless.

  • On Page 46, the days of the week in the hunting hours table are out of sequence with the calendar dates. Hunters should follow the calendar dates (Sept. 1, etc.) rather than the days of the week.

  • The muzzleloader deer permits listed on page 32 are for youth hunters only.

  • Hunters should disregard the muzzleloader deer permit hunt 1103 in GMU 130 because this unit has a general season during the same timeframe when muzzleloader hunting is already allowed

WDFW will provide additional updates and corrections as needed. Corrections clarifications and frequently asked questions are also on the big game hunting seasons and regulations portions of the WDFW website, at on the Internet.