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This document is provided for archival purposes only.
Archived documents do not reflect current WDFW regulations or policy and may contain factual inaccuracies.

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March 13, 1998
Contact: Chuck Bolland, (360) 902-2255

WDFW sets upper Columbia salmon seasons

OLYMPIA -- The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) has reduced fish bag limits for the 1998 spring chinook sport fishing seasons for Columbia River tributaries above Bonneville Dam and in the Ringold area.

The regulations were adopted to allow fishing opportunities for hatchery spring chinook while protecting wild stocks. Pre-season forecasts by WDFW fish biologists indicate there will be a limited number of harvestable hatchery spring chinook available in 1998. Daily limits have been reduced and season limits established to meet spawning goals and to reduce angler crowding.

Fishing will remain closed in tributaries that are not expected to meet their wild spring chinook escapement goals. However, salmon numbers in all areas will be closely monitored and in-season adjustments to sport fisheries may occur. The season and regulations are:

  • All tributaries between Bonneville and The Dalles dam with fishing seasons are open from April 1 though July 31. The season limit is four salmon for all tributaries combined.
  • Wind River - Open daily from the mouth upstream to 400 feet below Shipherd Falls April 1 through June 15. The daily limit is one salmon. Night closure and non-buoyant lure restrictions are in effect April 1 through May 31.
  • Drano Lake (Little White Salmon River) - Closed through July. Only 1,000 spring chinook are expected to return. The hatchery spawning goal is 1,500 fish.
  • White Salmon River - The daily limit is one salmon from the markers below the Burlington Northern railroad bridge upstream to the powerhouse from April 1 through July 31, and from the powerhouse upstream to 400 feet below Northwestern (Condit) Dam from April 1 through June 15.
  • Klickitat River - Closed in April and May. Open daily June 1 through July 31 from the mouth upstream to the Fisher Hill bridge and from 400 feet above number five fishway upstream to markers at the downstream end of the Klickitat Hatchery grounds. The daily limit is one salmon. Adult chinook must be released upstream from the number five fishway.
  • Ringold - Open from the marker 1/4 mile downstream of the Ringold wasteway outlet upstream to the marker « mile above Springs Creek. Fishing is permitted daily May 1 through August 15 only from the bank on the hatchery side of the Columbia River. Steelhead angling also will be allowed in this area concurrent with the spring chinook fishery. The daily limit is one salmon and/or two hatchery (adipose clipped) steelhead.
  • Icicle Creek - Closed
Anglers are reminded it is illegal to continue fishing for salmon once the daily limit is retained. Gamefish seasons, including steelhead, don't open on the Wind and Klickitat rivers until June 1.