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April 01, 1997
Contact: Jeff Weathersby (360) 902-2256

Early plants should mean good fishing in Kitsap Lake

BREMERTON -- Kitsap Lake should offer some good trout fishing a little early this year, thanks to the efforts of the Bremerton chapter of Trout Unlimited, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife and the winter's ice and rain storms.

Trout Unlimited volunteers and WDFW recently planted 16,000 trout in the 10- inch range in the lake. Another 10,000 were planted in February.

Both plants had to be done earlier than usual due to storm-caused silting and other problems at a rearing pond on Anderson Creek, where Trout Unlimited volunteers raised the fish.

Normally the fish are planted in the early and late spring and again in the early summer. The later plants will not be possible this year.

The Department of Fish and Wildlife originally provided fingerlings to Trout Unlimited to raise. The department also transported the nine to 10-inch fish from the Anderson Creek rearing facility to Kitsap Lake.