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April 10, 1998
Contact: Chuck Bolland, (360) 902-2255

Changes in Puget Sound clam and oyster regulations

OLYMPIA -- The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) is opening several Puget Sound public beaches for the recreational harvest of clams and oysters.

The openings are:

  • Dabob Bay - Opened April 1 until further notice on the state owned tidelands, for clams and oysters, from the north edge of Broad spit, south 1.3 miles. North and south boundaries are identified by markers and signs.
  • Illahee State Park - Open for oyster harvest May 1 through July 15 and for clam harvest May 1 through May 31.
  • North Bay - State owned oyster reserves on the east side of North Bay, north of the power transmission lines, are open to oyster harvest May 1 until further notice. This beach is already open for clam harvest.
  • Kopachuck State Park - Open for clam harvest May 1 through May 31.
Harvesters are reminded that on beaches outside of Hood Canal, a new 2-1/2 inch minimum size rule will be effective on May 1 for oysters. To demonstrate compliance with this rule, oysters taken on public beaches outside of Hood Canal must be taken from the beach in the shell. The beach minimum size rule was established to protect depressed stocks of Olympia oysters.

In Hood Canal there is no minimum size limit and oysters must be shucked on the beach where the shell is used for attachment by juvenile oysters.

Harvesters should check the Marine Toxin Hotline, 1-800-562-5632, prior to taking shellfish. The 1998 "Fishing in Washington" pamphlet will show the revised regulations. That publication is scheduled to be available at most sporting goods stores and at WDFW offices on May 1. Also, the recreational harvest of clams and oysters on Puget Sound beaches requires a Shellfish/Seaweed license.