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April 16, 1997
Contact: Public Affairs (360) 902-2250

Stump Lake access site to reopen

Simpson Timber Company and the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) plan to re-open vehicle access to Stump Lake, a popular fishing site near the border of Mason and Grays Harbor counties.

Stump Lake is located on Simpson Timber Company property approximately 7.5 miles northeast of Elma. The 23-acre lake is stocked annually with rainbow trout by WDFW. Last year, Simpson was forced to close the area to vehicular traffic because of garbage dumping, vandalism, road damage and wood theft.

A new gate was installed by WDFW at the south end of the lake and will remain locked to restrict vehicle traffic beyond the lake. Simpson will open its main gate on April 25 near the intersection with Cloquallum Road so fishing enthusiasts may enter the private property. In addition, Simpson has provided trash receptacles in the area which two private citizens have agreed to maintain. It is legal to fish beginning on Saturday, April 26.

WDFW and Simpson ask anglers and others using Stump Lake to respect this natural area by packing garbage out or using the receptacles, as well as observing other private property considerations.

Simpson's main gate will remain open until June 30, barring fire danger or the reappearance of garbage and other problems.

NOTE: Anglers fishing Stump Lake are reminded that boats are allowed but internal combustion engines are prohibited.