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April 29, 1999
Contact: Jeff Weathersby, (360) 902-2256

Port Angeles and Discovery Bay open to shrimp fishing on June 5

OLYMPIA-- Sport shrimping seasons for the Port Angeles and Discovery Bay Shrimp Districts open June 5, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife announced today.

Here are the recreational regulations for each district:

  • Port Angeles: Persons may harvest spot shrimp of any size on Saturdays and Sundays only beginning June 5 while other shrimp species (coonstripe, humpback and pink) may be harvested every day through Sept. 30 provided the combined daily harvest of all species does not exceed 10 pounds

  • Discovery Bay: Anglers may fish for spot shrimp only on Saturdays when the shrimp season opens June 5. No more than 50 spot shrimp 1- 3/16 inches carapace length and larger, may be taken as part of the daily shrimp bag on Saturdays through Aug. 21. Other shrimp species (including coonstripe, humpback and pink) maybe harvested each day through Sept. 5 provided the combined daily harvest of all species does not exceed 10 pounds.

The districts' boundaries and the shrimp species are described in the 1999 Fishing in Washington regulation pamphlet. Resident fishers from age 15 to 69 must have a $7 Shellfish/Seaweed license. Residents age 70 and older pay $5 for the license. Non-residents also must purchase licenses.

Updated information is available on WDFW's shellfish hotline at (360) 796-3215.