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August 22, 1997
Contact: Madonna Luers, 509-456-4073

Hunting season rules modified -- clarification

OLYMPIA -- Several rule changes have been made since the 1997 hunting regulation pamphlet was issued earlier this year. A news release issued earlier this week regarding these changes needs the following clarification:

  • Early archery deer hunters are advised that the areas where mule and blacktail antlerless deer may be legally taken during the Sept. 6-15 season has been changed. Antlerless mule and blacktail deer is now only allowed in GMUs 130, 133, 139, 142, 145, 149, 163, 178, 248, 254, 266, 269, 272, 284, 306 and 308. Whitetail deer season, units and legal deer descriptions remain the same as written in the pamphlet.
  • In the late archery deer season (Nov. 26-Dec. 8) for mule and blacktail deer a change was made to restrict hunting to three-point minimum buck only in GMUs 209, 215, 233, 300, 316, 346, 352 and 364. Only GMU 272 remains, as written in the pamphlet, open to hunting for three-point minimum buck or antlerless deer. Whitetail deer hunting is allowed for either sex in all of these units, as written in the pamphlet.
  • The early muzzleloader season (Oct. 4-10) in GMUs 407, 410, 520, 530, 564, 568, 603, 612, 624 and 672 was changed to any blacktail deer buck, rather than just three-point minimum.
  • The late muzzleloader season (Nov. 26-Dec. 15) in GMU 136 was changed to mule or whitetail deer, three-point minimum or antlerless. Also, GMU 130 was added as an open area for mule or whitetail deer, three-point minimum or antlerless.
In addition to the changes, hunters also should be aware that the early archery season (Sept. 1-14) for spike-only or antlerless elk in GMU 554 Yale was inadvertently omitted from the hunting rules pamphlet.