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December 17, 1998
Contact: Madonna Luers (509) 456-4073

New 1999 fishing and hunting licenses now available

New 1999 Washington fishing and hunting licenses are now available at Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) offices and hundreds of dealerships across the state.

The licenses can be purchased as gifts, as long as the recipients sign the licenses upon receiving them.

There are several changes in the 1999 licenses, including:

  • The licensing year shifts to an April 1 through March 31 period to better coincide with fishing and hunting seasons.
  • A special one-time only combination fishing/hunting license, covering Jan. 1, 1999 through March 31, 1999, is available for just $6 for residents and $30 for non-residents.
  • There is no combination fishing/hunting license for the April 1 through March 31 year; instead, fishing and hunting licenses are sold in packages of multiple participation for simplicity and cost savings to most buyers. Example: Residents who fish in freshwater for steelhead, trout, and bass will buy a $20 license that includes the basic fishing license (now $17), the steelhead fee (now $18), and the warmwater game fish fee (now $5). (Complete details available at all WDFW offices and license dealers.)
  • Fishers and hunters who purchase the April 1 - March 31 licenses will receive a free "access stewardship decal," which is required to use WDFW water access sites and wildlife areas; the decal will cost $10 for non-hunting and non-fishing recreationists who use these areas for other activities.

For more information please see our Licensing Division page.